The Airstrip

The Bob Quinn Lake Airstrip’s history began with a 1985 report to the BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways that highlighted the need for an airstrip in the Bob Quinn area. Pressure for an airstrip increased with major gold discoveries in the Iskut River area, and construction began.

In September 1990, a 100 x 4,074 foot runway opened for private and commercial use. From the outset, the Bob Quinn Lake airstrip was popular—especially among commercial operators such as Northern Mountain Helicopters, who moved people and materials into the Bronson Creek area for resource clients.

The Tahltan are supportive of the Bob Quinn Lake airstrip and are now partnered with many companies in the region who use this airstrip.

The airstrip is not just used for exploration, mining and recreational purposes and but also as a safety access for medivac or helicopter ambulances along the Highway 37 corridor.