Bob Quinn Lake and region: where northern BC meets the Yukon.

The Bob Quinn Lake Aerodrome is a key access point to the abundant resources of northern BC and the Yukon.

Thanks to the support of the resource industries who support this reliable and well maintained airstrip, recreational users can gain access to rich outdoor recreation activities in a spectacular location within British Columbia.

Unmatched outdoor sports

With summer days that are nearly 24 hours long, the region is a rich playground for sports enthusiasts seeking hunting, fishing and eco-tourism. A variety of companies provide fly-in, all-inclusive, lodge, backwoods and other packages, and the Bob Quinn Lake airstrip is a hub for adventure-seeking travelers from around the world.

Rich in natural resources

When the first Europeans arrived to the area, they were similarly attracted by hunting and trapping, and then mining in the region. Hunting is now a major tourist draw, and mining has grown to become a significant economic engine. Mining and mine development companies are the airstrip’s most frequent users and they contribute to its maintenance and upkeep.