Services at Bob Quinn Airstrip

  • Fuel Services

    Not available at this time.

  • Cellular / Internet Services

    Not available at this time.

  • Rental Vehicles / Road Transportation

    Not available on site; contact local service providers in advance.

  • Charter Services

    Contact local charter providers.

  • Staging Activities

    The Bob Quinn Lake Airport Society (BQLAS) has been assessing the potential to create a new, safer staging area, separate from the airstrip. Currently the margins of the airstrip have been used for staging, but the Board of Directors has identified increasing safety concerns. Ongoing discussions are underway with Tahltan Nation, major projects and operations in the region, and the BC Government to secure funding for this important safety infrastructure. No new sublicense agreements will be issued for 2021 until a new dedicated staging area is available. The BQLAS is actively working to advance the infrastructure at Bob Quinn Lake Airstrip and hope to be able to provide safe spaces for staging activities later in the season.